F. A. Q’s & Program Information
Where are you located?

MAYSP is located on the corner of Chancery Row and Chestnut Street

From High Street: Go straight through 3rd light where High and Walnut streets intersect; after going through that light, make your first RIGHT turn onto a one-way street, Chancery Row (between Path Finder Bike Shop and the brick courtyard square -across from Dollar General Store). We are the last building on the left, the “Blackstone Building”.

From the PRT: Get off at Walnut Street exit, walk down one level to Chestnut Street, look diagonally to the RIGHT to the tall corner building with gree double doors and 2 picture windows. Our sign is in the upper picture window. Go through the green double doors to our office.

Do you have to have an appointment or can you just show up?

NO WALK IN APPOINTMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED! You will schedule your intake appointment over the phone and then you will schedule your video and/or group appointments at your intake appointment..

What if I forget to call within 10 days of my first court date? Will I be in trouble?

NO…that timeframe is for the benefit of the client, to ensure you do not forget to make an appointment.

What happens at my intake appointment?

At your intake appointment, you pay your program fee amount and we get your information needed for enrollment in our program. Some of this information comes from the papers you received at your court hearing, so it is important for you to bring these with you. We give you papers for community service if required and other important papers based on your program then you sign the contract agreement form for that program. You then schedule your appointments for video education and/or group sessions, as well as community service (if needed). If you are a marijuana or other drug offender, you will have to do a pre-enrollment drug test.


Do I have to pay the fees at the intake meeting?

a. YES! If do not have the money right now, you will need to make the intake appt. when you know you will have the money, however you must make sure you are capable of completing the program within your designated timeframe set by the court.

b. We do not accept payment plans (except in extreme situations) this will have to be approved by Danny, Anna, or Juinell.

c. We accept cash, credit/debit card, or money orders. We DO NOT accept American Express cards!

What do I need to bring to my intake appointment?

You need to bring ALL your court papers and  money  (cash, credit/debit card (NO American Express cards), or money order) for the full program fee amount. Also, it is helpful to have any important personal information written down if you do not have it memorized.

What if I don’t have my court papers?

If you do not have court paperwork, you must go to the court and ask for a copy; if the court would rather fax it to us, that’s fine (but they usually don’t). At the very LEAST, we must have

a. Case or citation number

b. Date of first court appearance

c. Return court date (or completion date) – if you were not given a return court date, you need to obtain that date from the court

d. Name of magistrate that handled your first court appearance

How much are the fees?

Fees for first time and repeat offenses, Underage Drinking/Possession Alcohol Education Program are $150 (cash) or $160 (credit card).

Fees for the Marijuana/Drug Diversion Program are $150 (cash) or $160 (credit card).

Contact us for the fee amounts for municipal court cases

*We accept cash, credit/debit card, or money orders. We DO NOT accept American Express cards!

I received a citation in Morgantown, but I don’t live in Morgantown; Can I get education and do community service in my home town?

a. Anyone living in Mon, Preston, Marion, Harrison or Upshur Counties will have to come here (if there is no transportation to get here, you will need to speak to Anna or Danny). Outside of those counties, or out of state clients, CAN do requirements out of town, but you still have to pay full amount of fees to MAYSP, and whatever additional costs are required for a program in your own area. A money order in needed to pay fees for out of state clients.

What is a money order?

A money order is a secure from of payment, purchased for the amount desired. In this way it is similar to a certified check. Money orders typically consist of two portions: the negotiable check for remittance to the payee, and a receipt or stub that the customer retains for his/her records.

Where can I get a money order?

Money orders are typically sold by third parties such as the United States Postal Service, grocery stores (Kroger, Shop N Save, etc.), Walmart and convenience stores (Dairy Mart, etc). You will take cash to the vendor who sells money orders, pay a nominal fee for the money order itself, and they will give you a money order with the amount imprinted into the paper. Some financial service companies such as banks and credit unions may not charge for money orders for their clients.

b. For out of state/town transfers, download forms at out-of-town-instructions for alcohol/marijuana chargeaa_meetings_form. Please download both forms!

Will you be calling my parents?

NO! We do not call parents if you are 18 yrs and older; however, WVU does sometimes contact parents about alcohol or other drug charges

Will I be drug tested at this appointment?

a. Yes, for marijuana (or other misdemeanor drug charges). The first drug test is not turned over to the court, and we expect that most first drug tests will be positive. We do this first test only to get drug levels in the system before the start of the weekly group meetings

b. NO drug tests for alcohol charges

How many hours of education do I have to do?

Please view the appropriate section (Drug Diversion, Theft Diversion, of Underage Drinking (UD) Diversion) under the PROGRAMS tab on this site.


My return court date is in 2 weeks; will I have time to finish everything by then?

a. It depends on your availability as to whether you can finish on time.

b. If you don’t think you’ll be able to finish by the return court date, go to the courthouse and file for an extension. This cannot be done over the phone. We cannot guarantee the extension will be granted, but often the Magistrate court WILL grant extensions. Inform MAYSP of any extension dates.

What if none of the available video and/or group times fit with my schedule?

If you cannot schedule any of the available intake, video or group appointments, you will either have to work things out with your personal schedule, or call the court and discuss the matter with them.

Can I do my community service wherever I choose?

a. NO! We assign community service at downtown agencies. The Morgantown courts have provided a list of agencies where CS is to be done.

b. I have to do CS for Towers (or other dorms); can I use those hours for my CS?

i. NO. Those hours are a WVU assignment; the 6 hours mandated by the court are to be served downtown only.

ii. Often, though, WVU WILL accept the 8 hrs you are assigned to by this agency and credit those 8 hrs to the total you are to do for them.


What do I need to do when I am finished with the community service and education appointments?

Call MAYSP to make your final appointment. Bring your signed completion forms from community service and alcohol education to final appointment. You will NOT need to go to your return court date as long as you bring the required information to receive a completion letter.

Where do I take my completion letter?

You will take your completion letter back to the court where you first appeared to verify that you have completed the program. If your case was with Magistrate Court, you will take your letter to the third floor window of the courthouse located on Spruce St. You should ask for a receipt, or some form of verification, when you give the court your completion letter, and you may want to make a copy of your completion letter for your records.

Will my record be expunged after I complete the program?

MAYSP provides alcohol and drug education and has no control over the status of your record. You will make arrangements with the courts regarding this question.

Can I get a refund if I do NOT complete the program?

NO FEES ARE REFUNDABLE if you do not finish you requirements, or if your case is turned over to court for non-compliance.

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