Delinquency Intervention and Prevention Program

Drug/Alcohol Intervention Services
Individual Counseling Sessions
Group Sessions
Parent Sessions
Special Anger Management Program
Random Drug Testing
Client Resource Development
After School Tutoring

Youth Transitions Program

This program offers early intervention services to at risk youth and can be provided at the MAYSP office, School setting or at their residence. The MAYSP Youth Transitions Program decreases the effect of negative risk factors attributable to youth in transition. Specifically targeting children in the 8th and 9th grades, the program works with at-risk youth in the areas of substance abuse, disciplinary incidents at school, violence, truancy, academic performance and general delinquency.

Life Management Sessions (Individual and Group)
Parent Support Component
School Advocacy Support Services
At-Risk School Behavior
At-Risk Individual/Peers Relationships
Summer Follow-Up Component
After School Tutoring Services